Granted! Funds For SRHR Capacity Building.

In more exciting news, The British Council was awarding grants for several projects…and guess what, we won one too! Several others including Tracy Holsinger, Ashanti, and Hashtag Generation were awarded grants for similar empowering projects as well.

Our project aims at developing tools and interfaces for girls living with hearing disabilities. We will be focusing our efforts at the Rathmalana School for the Deaf.

Starting from now, the project continues until next March. The work isn’t limited just to the girls—it will also include their teachers, instructors and mentors. After meeting the school’s board of directors, we will develop teacher training materials for the teacher training workshops, which we hope to conduct throughout April to June.

There will be focus group discussions with the children (who are mainly young girls) and their teachers, as we also work on developing material and a digital interface for students, with sign language interpretations on life skills.

We hope that this initiative will help empower girls with hearing disabilities to make informed choices about their bodies, and instill a sense of self-confidence in them. We also want to help create a safe platform for the girls to have conversations about these topics, while sensitizing and enhancing the capabilities of their teachers and instructors with regards to SRHR.

Being experts in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, three of our core group will be implementing the project: Sarah Soysa, Dulitha Jayasekara, and Dakshita Wickremarathne.

If you have any queries, please feel free to drop us a mail at , or contact us via FB and Twitter.




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